June 25, 2019

Brazil Elections: Rousseff set to win Presidency

Always very expressive with their hands are the Brazilians.

Brazilian voters headed to the polls Sunday and look set to elect their first female President.

Former Marxist guerrilla Dilma Rousseff is leading the polls in a general election that spans across all levels of government, from the presidency to local offices. About 135 million Brazillians are expected to vote.

Rousseff is the annointed successor to wildly successful President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who leaves office with an 80 percent approval rating. The Brazillian economy has flourished under his leadership and the voters appear to have respected his choice for his successor.

The only thing preventing President Lula carrying on his merry way in charge is the dastardly Brazil Constitution which prevents any more than two terms in office.

It is the same constitutional obtacle that forced Vladimir Putin into having to settle for Prime minister of Russia instead of President. Still there is nothing like going out on top and cementing your place in Brazilian history as an A-Grade leader.

Polls indicate Rousseff is likely to get between 50 percent and 51 percent of the vote. She would need 50 percent plus one to avoid a second round run-off.

Just when we thought it was safe to trust polls again it turns out that Rousseff has only ended up with 47 percent so a run-off against Jose Serra who got 33 percent is required after all. The run-off will take place in four weeks time and is only delaying the inevitable.

Brazil has the world’s eighth-largest economy, which has grown 7 percent a year on the back of a commodities boom. With the 2014 Football World Cup being held in Brazil along with the 2016 Summer Olympics the country looks set for the boom times to continue for a while yet.

Newswarped finds it refreshing to see an economic power rising in South America. The continent traditionally gets bad press for its dodgy political goings on. It is great to see the region starting to give Asia, Europe and North America a run for their money. Fantastic to see Green Party presidential candidate Marina Silva winning 19 percent of the vote.