February 22, 2019

Former All Blacks Rugby Coach stabbed in South Africa

John Mitchell ended up on the receiving end of some in-room acupuncture, Johannesburg style.

Former All Blacks coach John Mitchell has been stabbed at his apartment in South Africa after tackling intruders he thought was a flatmate playing a practical joke.

Mitchell was stabbed in the upper arm and thigh, during a scuffle with two intruders at his apartment in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, last night.

Krystle Geach, a spokeswoman for Mitchell’s rugby team, the Lions, said Mitchell had been at home with his flatmate and fellow coach Wayne Taylor when he heard a strange noise.

“Mitch heard someone coming into the room. He thought it was Wayne, because Wayne has quite a dry sense of humour, so he tackled the guy. But it was an intruder.” Geach said.

A second intruder then stabbed Mitchell in the arm and the leg and they tied him up before ransacking the apartment.

Geach said Mitchell was taken to hospital, but had now been released after having his wounds stitched.

The intruders stole Mitchells laptop and mobile phone. Hardly original stuff to steal. Newswarped is wondering what Wayne Taylor was up to when all this was going down. Maybe he was flossing his teeth?

Mitchell has been contracted to coach the Johannesburg Lions in next seasons Super Rugby competition. He spent four years coaching the Perth-based Western Force and coached the New Zealand All Blacks at the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia.


  1. Anna Larson says:

    This is a terrible article, get all the facts correct before writing. Wayne Taylpr wasn’t flossing his teeth he was getting help, the help which coincidentally saved Mitchell’s life.

    • Hi Anna, Thanks for taking the time to comment. The article was written with the facts given at the time. The flippant comment about Wayne Taylor was borne of disbelief that there were two guys in the room when it was invaded, but all of the quotes and detail related only to John Mitchell. I was wondering what Wyne Taylor was doing in all this. I could have expressed that better. I am sorry that the comment offended you.