March 19, 2019

Germany celebrates 20 years since reunification

Only sems like yesterday that lumps of concrete were being sold around the world and labelled - Berlin Wall.

Germany has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of its reunification. On 3 October 1990 Capitalist West and communist East Germany merged to form the most powerful nation in central Europe.

Reunification came almost a year after people power brought down the Berlin wall and ended decades of forced political and cultural apartheid.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel – a native East German – led the official celebrations, hosted by the northern city of Bremen and attended by tens of thousands of people. She declared “We have been able to rebuild so quickly and make Germany a country that is respected in the world.”

US President Barack Obama passed on his congratulations and said Germany was “one of our closest allies and greatest friends”. Germany is probably one of a number of nations that wishes America would stop calling them “friends” and “allies” in public.

Coincidentally Sunday is also the day Germany makes the last payment on debt stemming from reparations imposed after World War I.
A last payment of 70 million euros will draw the debt to a close.

In 1919, the victorious allies wanted to ensure Germany would not be capable of war for many years and set reparations at the equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of gold. Another cunning plan that backfired big time. Thoroughly decent of Germany to keep paying when World War One was just as much the Allies fault as Germany’s.