February 23, 2019

Gillard and Abbott – the new hit Afghan tv soap

Not a picture of a happy couple, but are they really madly in love but in denial?

My Number two daughter is an avid fan of Aussie tv soap opera Home and Away. There are times when I am writing in the same room when she is watching the painful slow pace of life in Summer Bay unfold. I notice in Summer Bay they still seem to be dealing with the same issues that I used to see on the show 20 years ago. It is like some kind of groundhog day for teens in love, not in love and everything in between.

Following the slow moving saga of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Prime Minister Julia Gillard visiting Afghanistan in recent days has been like watching an episode of Home and Away with core cast members fighting over the same petty stuff. At least in Summer Bay there are moments of laughter and love in between all the heartache, plus lots of hot young guys and girls.

With Julia and Tony it is just agony. Agony for the troops in Afghanistan who have got bigger worries than being pawns in political games, and agony for the general public of Australia who get this ‘he said’, ‘she said’ trivia dished up day after day, while the real issues facing Australia like economic development and the environment are ignored.

Get a load of this for a plot line. Julia was going to visit the Aussie troops in Afghanistan. She wanted Tony to come along as well. Tony didn’t want to go and play second fiddle to Julia so he made the excuse that he was too tired to stop over in Afghanistan.

Julia went anyway and got her photo taken with men in uniform. She made out like Tony didn’t care about the troops. Tony got angry, he said that Julia knew he was planning his own trip to Afghanistan but she had slagged him off in “an act of low bastardry.” Still awake?

Newswarped’s message to Tony Abbott is simple. You lost the election. Come to terms with it. Life outside of power looking in sucks big time, but that is where you are.

For Julia Gillard. Yes you won but only just. Stop rubbing Tony’s nose in it and spend more time focussing on keeping your pre-election promises which seem to be evaporating faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100m.

If neither of you want to take newswarped’s advice then I suggest you both go to Afghanistan and don’t come back until you can say nice things about each other on a consistant basis. You would be much more at home there among the squabbling factions anyway.

Oh and by the way Tony and Julia, in tv soap land when a guy and a girl hate each other it really means they are madly in love but won’t admit it yet.

Tony and Julia foreingners thrown together by fate in a war torn country. They start out as enemies but 347 episodes later find love and Osama in a beautiful land, only to have their happiness cut short by a pilotless drone attack. Could just be the next big hit tv soap to hit Afghan and Aussie screens. Not a dry eye in the house (Federal that is). The general public might be cheering on the drone though.