August 22, 2019

Indonesian volcano Mt Merapi erupts

Beneath this giant lump of coral is Mount Merapi

In what is fast becoming pick on Indonesia week, Mount Merapi an active volcano on the island of Java has erupted forcing thousands to flee and killing at least 15 people.

Indonesian media reports that some of the dead were journalists staying at a guest house close to the volcano.

The 3,000 metre Mount Merapi is close to the city of Yogyakarta, and as far as active volcanoes go it is a hyper-active child.

Reports say the first thing that residents heard were sirens from an early warning system announcing the coming eruptions. Christian Awui, a rescuer told CNN “There was panic. You could hear the rumbles of the volcano. People ran to a refugee camp about 4 kms away. Because it was still dark, it was hard to tell how the eruptions compared with previous ones.”

Some relief agencies are raising concerns about men who have stayed behind to guard homes and crops.

A dusting of ash covered motorbikes and cars at the shelter parking lot, the relief worker said. The heavy ash fallout also obscured any view of the mountain from his location.

Newswarped thinks that if there is any traction with this ‘bad things come in three’s’ saying then Indonesia has done its dash this week and it is time for nature to lay off. A Volcanic eruption, Tsunami and 7.7 earthquake is more than enough for quite a while thanks very much.