March 19, 2019

James Cameron confirms two Avatar sequels

What are you aiming for my love? Two sequels and a percentage of the action doll merchandise.

Twentieth Century Fox film studio and director James Cameron have announced plans for two new Avatar movies.

Cameron has promised fans of the US$2.8 billion top grossing film of all time that he would “not back off the throttle” of the original movie’s visual and emotional sci-fi story about the tall, blue Na’vi people who live on the lush moon, Pandora.

Avatar 2 is projected to land in theaters in December 2014 with a third film coming one year later. Production will commence in 2011.

Cameron said “Avatar was conceived as an epic work of fantasy – a world that audiences could visit, across all media platforms, and this moment marks the launch of the next phase of that world.”

There is no word yet on the story line of the sequels that Cameron will write himself. All he would say was that the sequels would have “self contained” stories that are part of the greater story arc of the Na’vi struggling against humans.

Released last year and incorporating new 3D technology, Avatar rocketed past the previous top grossing Cameron epic Titanic. It was nominated for Nine Academy Awards and won three. It won best Picture at the Golden Globes and became the biggest selling Blu-ray DVD of all time.

Masking previous behind the scenes wrangling Fox Film Entertainment Chairmen Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman said in a joint statement “We had no higher priority, and can feel no greater joy, than enabling Jim to continue and expand his vision of the world of Avatar”. Newswarped adds “and all the money it will bring in”.

Newswarped is also hoping for a cameo appearance from the Smurfs in the sequel. They could be like the Ewoks in the Star Wars movies. Instead of cute and furry they could be cute and blue. Fit right in really.