May 24, 2019

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt cash in on baby name

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt - And the name of the baby is? Sorry, pay us $2 and we will tell you.

Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt and his actress wife Bec have announced the birth of their third child this weekend. Apparently it is a girl, but if you want to find out the name right away you will have to pay for the information.

For a long time celebrities have fuelled their image by doing stories in weekly magazines. We are used to their smiling faces exclusively looking back at us from the cover of the likes of New Idea and Australian Woman’s Weekly.

If we want to find out the Hewitt baby’s name we can subscribe to a service called ”Text A Star” which describes itself as a premium SMS service. It costs $2 a message, and according to it’s creators it was set up to allow sports fans to ”get a unique insight into the life of your favourite player without any media filter”.

So basically rather than find out on Twitter for free we can pay $2 and get a text message sent to us with the baby’s name, which we will find out a few hours later anyway.

Lleyton Hewitt has earned $20 million in career prize money before the more lucrative endorsements are added on. Newswarped is a bit perplexed about why the Hewitt’s feel the need to add a few thousand dollars by prostituting their daughters name to the general public.

Oh well I guess there are some hardcore fans out there who will be happy to pay the price. We are prepared to guess the name for free. With their first two children being Mia and Cruz we are thinking it it won’t be Jane. It will probably be something like Olivia. We are probably wrong but at least it hasn’t cost you anything.

P.S. They named her Ava Sydney Hewitt.