March 19, 2019

Michael Laws apologises for insulting NZ Governor General

I am Michael Laws and I will never apologise. Oh by the way, I apologise.

Michael Laws has apologised for comments he made last week about the New Zealand Governor General, despite previously stating he would not do so.

In a statement on the RadioLive website, Mr Laws apologised for calling Sir Anand Satyanand a “large, fat man” who has “never left the buffet table.”

“I apologise to the Governor General for comments which were, upon reflection, uncharitable and inappropriate,” he said. Newswarped thinks that Michael Laws has a lot of time for reflection because he spends so much time in front of the mirror contemplating his own.

However Laws stated that “I reserve the right to be controversial and outspoken. But my off-air comments, in particular, crossed the line from puckish to insulting, and although that was not my intent, it was still inappropriate.”

Newswarped has had to look in the dictionary and finds that ‘puckish’ means – Playful, especially in a mischievous way. Hardly playful comments Mr. Laws, just plain insulting, in an insulting way.

Finding the whole apology thing quite a novelty, Laws carried on “I also apologise to MediaWorks for any embarrassment that may have been subsequently caused.”

TVNZ host Paul Henry resigned yestereday before he was pushed over remarks insulting Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Questioning if New Zealand Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand was really a New Zealander.

Michael Laws filled with shock jock bravado made his own comments in Support of Henry. But after Henry apologised and fell on his sword Laws was left high and dry.

Being next sacrificial lamb off the rank he decided to indulge in self-preservation and try apologising for the first time in his life.

Yesterday New Zealand Prime Minister John Key called on Mr Laws to apologise, but Mr Laws said he should “stop being so PC”. What a difference a day makes.