May 19, 2019

Nuclear missile launch codes missing for months claims US General

I am telling you now, I did not have launch codes with that missile

The Presidential launch codes for United States nuclear missiles went missing for months during the Clinton Administration claims a top General.

Ex-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Hugh Shelton has made the claim in a new book, which is going to sell a lot more copies now than previously thought.

The codes are usually held by an aide who remains close to the president. General Shelton said there was an incident around 2000 where an aide said the codes had been lost.

We can picture the scene now. Russian missiles heading towards the United States. Bill Clinton needing to retaliate for mutually assured destruction, asks his aide to hand him the missile launch codes. “Umm, Mr. President, I am not entirely sure where they are. Perhaps you could get three goes at guessing them before your card gets swallowed?”

Under normal procedures, an official was sent every month to check the codes, and that they were replaced every four months with new codes.

According to Gen Shelton’s book – Without Hesitation – an official had gone to check one month and been told by the aide that the codes were on the president’s person but that he was in an important meeting and could not be disturbed.

A different official went to do the same check a month later and was told a similar story. When it came time to change the codes, an aide admitted they had been missing for months.

General Shelton did not expalin if the aide then went missing for months. We suspect he is no longer in positions of responsibility. Yes, newswarped knows it is a ‘he’ because a woman woudn’t have been dumb enough to get caught.