May 19, 2019

Politicians “ongoing orgasm” gaff gets laughs

Timaru District Council - Might just be the most physically sensational council in New Zealand?

Timaru District councillor Richard Lyon of Pleasant Point stood up to address the first full meeting of the Council yesterday and managed to bring proceedings to a halt by describing one of its committees as an “ongoing orgasm”.

The phrase was not intentional, he intended to say ‘organism’. A councillor had moved a motion appointing five standing committees and Cr Lyon was speaking about a review of the committees. “It’s an ongoing thing and a living beast,” he said of the structure. “It is an ongoing orgasm – organism.”

The chamber disolved into laughter. The fact Councillor Lyon represents Pleasant Point is a chuckle, but it is certainly a first to have local government committees equated to an ongoing orgasmic experience, when often they are sleep inducing.

The Timaru Herald reports a red-faced, Cr Lyon regained his composure and soldiered on, saying he supported a review and it was best done earlier rather than later. But by that stage the damage was done. They could not resist pointing out that his speech was the climax of the meeting.