May 24, 2019

Rescue of trapped Chile miners to begin in 24 hours

No it is not the Chile space programme, just the trapped miner rescue capsule.

The rescue attempt to extract the 33 trapped Chile miners is set to begin within 24 hours.

The miners will be brought to the surface in a capsule called Phoenix starting at midnight Tuesday (local time).

A test of the rescue capsule has been carried out successfully, descending almost the whole way down the 622m shaft.

The men have been trapped in the San Jose mine, near the town of Copiapo, since a collapse on 5 August.

Speaking to some of the estimated 1,000 journalists now at the mine, Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said the operation would not be rushed, saying “We are going to take all the time necessary to ensure the completion of these plans”.

Sixteen highly trained rescuers – members of the Chilean special forces and veterans of previous underground rescues – are poised and on call to begin the process of bringing out the miners.

The miners have already been informed about which of them will be the first out of the mine, Chilean media has reported.

They have not been named but are thought to include some of the most psychologically stable and experienced of the miners – in case something goes wrong during the first few rescues.

Newswarped congratulates the Chilean government and mine operators who have been carrying out a first class rescue operation. Not only did they have a Plan A, but also a plan B and C. It is a shame that the team behind this dynamic response were not the ones dealing with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.