March 21, 2019

Rescuers only 89m from trapped Chile miners

The families of the trapped miners have kept the faith - soon tears of anguish will be tears of joy.

Rescuers in Chile have only 89m left to drill and are expected to break through to the 33 trapped miners by Saturday.

Engineers will decide if the shaft needs to be encased in steel or not to help prevent rockfalls. Chile Mines Minister Laurence Golborne said “We have to wait two, three or four days if we do not encase and eight to 10 days if we do the encasing.”

The miners have been trapped in the collapsed San Jose gold and copper mine since August 5. They are in contact with the outside world through a small bore hole that is being used to send them food, water, supplies and other necessities. They have now set a new world record for length of time trapped underground.

Once the miners are extracted they will undergo about two hours of health checks at a field hospital that has been set up at the mine. They will then be reunited with one or two immediate family members.

It is anticipated that many of them will get given ‘to do’ lists from wives and partners of all the stuff they haven’t done around the house while they have been sitting on their butts with their mates.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has said that he planned to personally hug each of the 33 miners as they were pulled from the rescue shaft. It is unclear whether this ‘Pressie-love’ threat has deterred queue jumpers for the rescue cage down below.

Rumours of a new ‘trapped miner’ diet being launched in America are unsubstantiated. Only giving participants three months to be thin enough to fit into the rescue cage or rot forever, may not be enough time for some obese individuals and there could be legal issues.