March 21, 2019

Sally Pearson wins 100m gold then lets rip at drug tainted rival

Sally Pearson wins 100m Hurdles - No false starts, no protests just a gold medal grin.

Australian sprinter Sally Pearson has won the women’s 100m hurdles final at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Soon after she claimed the gold medal in her specialist event, Pearson let rip at drug tainted rival Osayemi Oludamola. The Nigerian had been awarded the 100m sprint gold medal after race winner Pearson was disqualified for a false start.

Now Oludamola is facing disqualification herself as she awaits the outcome of her B-sample test. Pearson did not hold back, suggesting that Oludamola should not accept her medal and describing the situation surrounding the still-unresolved drug test as ”a joke”.

”It’s just a joke you know,” said Pearson, minutes after her redemptive gold medal in the 100m hurdles. ”I don’t know how you can accept a medal knowing what you’ve done to yourself. But I’m happy I’m out here running drug free.”

Newswarped congratulates Sally on her victory in the 100m hurdles and also thinks she deserves a gold medal for the way she has conducted herself with dignity throughout her badly handled disqualification saga.

After the emotional wringer that Sally has been through she can be forgiven for emptying both barrels into the reputation of the Nigerian sprinter.