March 21, 2019

Second toxic sludge flood likely as Reservoir cracks in Hungary

Looks like an average teens bedroom but with lashings of toxic sludge.

Hungary authorities think a damaged reservoir wall may give way further and unleash a second wave of toxic sludge onto the villages of Kolontar, Devecser and Somlovasarhely.

Gyorgi Tottos, spokeswoman for Hungary’s Catastrophe Protection Directorate said “We know that it will happen.”

Thousands of people have been evacuated from the surrounding countryside and hundreds of soldiers and relief workers are on stand-by should wall give way.

A 50cm crack has developed in the wall of the MAL Co. owned Ajkai Timfoldgyar alumina plant reservoir. If the wall collapses, 500,000 cubic metres of toxic red sludge will be looking for a new home.

Last Monday the initial breech of the reservoir swept through the coutryside killing seven people and injuring more than 100, reaching as far as the river Danube.

Newswarped’s favourite politician with the coolest name – State Secretary of Environment, Zoltan Illes, says the damaged wall cannot be saved.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who was visiting the stricken area Saturday, said it was “very likely” the reservoir wall will collapse.

So that is it then, everyone is predicting the wall is coming down. Just so they can be seen to have anticipated it and got the people used to the idea of a second disaster. It is not exactly predicting lottery numbers is it?

Gyorgi Tottos says “What happened on Monday has never happened before in Europe, and we will try to avoid a bigger new catastrophe.” That is appropriate since she represents Catastrophe Protection Directorate.

Prime Minister Orban was already on the hunt for someone to blame and promising the “toughest possible consequences.” He said “Behind this tragedy, some human errors and mistakes must exist. We will reveal all of that, and the consequences will be very serious, as much as you can imagine.” Well we can imagine quite a bit Mr. Orban so newswarped is guessing there will be lashings of pain and suffering.

Hungary is a beautiful country that does not deserve this type of environmental disaster. If it is proven that commercial greed is behind the reservoir collapse then newswarped thinks those responsible should at the very least be made to drink several toxic sludge cocktails.