March 19, 2019

Shane Warne attacks Ponting – “sorry Ricky but what are you doing?”

Shane - Next time you get all frustrated with Ricky lay off the Twitter and have a ciggie instead.

Shane Warne has vented his frustration at Australia cricket captain Ricky Ponting’s field placings for Nathan Hauritz in yestedays Test loss in Bangalore.

Warne was agitated by the leg-side field used by Ponting when Hauritz was brought on early to bowl at Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara.
Hauritz came on for two overs and was smashed for 22 runs before Ponting took him out of the attack.

Warne used his Twitter account to sledge the Aussie captain saying “How the hell can Hauritz bowl to this field?? Feeling for Hauritz, Terrible!! What are these tactics? Sorry Ricky but what are you doing?”

Ponting was quick to hit right back at his former teammate, letting rip with ”Every field that Nathan’s had to bowl with since he’s been here is at his request, it’s the fields that he wants to bowl to, unfortunately it doesn’t appear that Shane would take the time to ask anyone about that.”

The Australian captain went on to say ”He’s [Warne] got his opinion out in the public at the moment, and it’s a personal opinion. Different people say things at different times, we don’t always agree with all of them, that’s life I guess. It would be nice if they were a bit more informed before they made some of their comments though.”

To be fair to Ricky Ponting, his batsmen did not get him enough runs to defend in their second innings. If he had another 100 runs on the board then there would have been a lot more options about how to attack the Indian batsmen.

Shane Warne has never been shy about putting forward his ideas about how cricket should be played. He has an extremely high opinion of his own thoughts.

Ricky needs to treat this latest outburst as water off a ducks back. Shane will always be Shane. At least he was only using Twitter and not texting Ricky’s wife to tell her he wanted to field at fine leg on her side of the bed.