May 24, 2019

Super-Typhoon Megi slams into Philippines

Super Typhoon megi - a serious storm. Not hard for the forecasters to predict what something this big is going to hit - everything.

Super-Typhoon Megi has hit the northern Philippines, lashing the area with heavy rains and winds of more than 225km/h (140mph).

It is the strongest storm the Philippines has faced for four years. Government forecasters say waves off the east coast could be as high as 14 metres.

One man has been reported missing after falling into a swollen river. Thousands have been evacuated from the path of the storm and schools have been closed in many areas.

The northern provinces of Cagayan and Isabela are on the highest storm alert. Officials have warned that the heavy rain and high winds could damage buildings, power supplies and rice crops.

Weather forecasters in the Philippines are falling over themselves to predict all manner of disaster following their tragic gaff in July this year when the weather bureau forecast that a typhoon would miss Manila. It hit Manila and 100 people were killed. President Benigno Aquino sacked the head of the weather bureau. Newswarped wonders if this is the first time in history that a weather forecasters have been held accountable for their predictions.

Unsuprisingly sea travel has been banned and the coast guard has been instructed to forbid all fishing vessels from setting out to sea in the north. Would have thought it was a no brainer but I guess they have to play it safe. if they don’t some nong will go out in a boat then their next of kin will complain that no one warned them it was dangerous.