May 22, 2019

The Hobbit all go with Peter Jackson to direct

Peter Jackson as director is a no-brainer but what language will the cast extra's be speaking?

The Hobbit is finally set to start shooting in February 2011 with Peter Jackson in the directors chair.

The two-movie prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy is going to be shot in 3D, and Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens will again work with Jackson on the script.

Jackson’s original choice for director Guillermo del Toro left after serious delays while MGM broke open their piggy banks and counted up the coins.

The movie is a joint production between MGM and New Line Cinema through its parent company Warner Bros.

There is no word yet on the location for the films, with an announcement not due for another few weeks.

The fact that the location was not announced at the same time as the directors job means that the accountants are crunching the numbers on the various options. There is certainly no guarantee that the film will be made in New Zealand, but it will be a big call to shift it elsewhere.

With acting unions playing hardball and Jackson seemingly in no mood to enter into a dialogue then there is every possibility that all the pre and post-production work and special effects will be done here but the majority if the location shoots will be elsewhere.

Newswarped has lost track of the amount of countries who have put their hands up to host the production. This is an ideal situation for the makers. They have options and probably some extremely cut-price offers to consider.

With an estimated $500 million production budget that is one huge carrot for a national film industry and the countries with a cheap and cheerful workforce will have their noses in front.

The New Zealand Actor’s Equity and associated unions can only hope that some core cast members show solidarity with their cause to keep the location shoots in New Zealand.


  1. I’m really glad Peter got it .It belongs to him. He is an amazing Producer. love him. PS. Please bring the Trilogy back to the big screen. I have Seven friends who own it, but have never seen it on the big screen….Patricia New Jersey