May 19, 2019

The Hobbit to be filmed in New Zealand

It's ok guys you can turn on the lights now, the background scenery is New Zealand.

The Hobbit films will be made in New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key has announced today.

Talks were held overnight with studio executives from Warner Brothers to resolve concerns about industrial laws in New Zealand.

It turned out that the studio was holding out for a bigger tax subsidy from the Government. Well what a surprise.

Mr Key also announced the The Hobbit will get a $15 million tax rebate – $7.5m per film.

New Zealand will get one of the films World Premiere and the government is going to foot the bill for a major tourism push to coincide with the films launch.

The government is going to introduce employment legislation into parliament tomorrow which clarifies the issues around contractors and employees. They have stopped short of changing the law for all workers, and it will only apply to workers in the film industry.

This is a good result for New Zealand. All the filming takes place here. The government has backed off screwing all New Zealand workers and is only screwing the film workers.

The extra tax breaks are minimal and they would have spent truckloads of cash on tourism stuff anyway.