June 25, 2019

Tsunami hits Indonesia after 7.5 Earthquake

The location of the quake epicentre off Sumatra

A tsunami has hit the Indonesian Island of Sumatra following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake earlier today.

The three metre wave has reportedly hit the Mentawai Islands, off Sumatra with charter boats destroyed and people swept several hundred metres inland by the surge. Remarkably there are no reports of casualties at this stage.

Australian Rick Hallett has told the Nine Network that he was on his charter boat with guests when a two-to three-metre wall of water rolled into their bay in the Mentawai Islands. He said it picked up one boat and swept it towards theirs, which exploded. They threw anything that floated into the water including, surfboards and fenders, and jumped in. Some climed up trees to escape the water.

Earlier a strong earthquake hit off the western coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island. It measured 7.5-magnitude with a depth of 15km the US Geological Survey said.

A massive earthquake and tsunami struck off the same island in 2004. Today’s quake was reportedly felt in five towns in Bengkulu and West Sumatra provinces.