June 24, 2019

US nuclear missiles go offline with computer glitch

Standard issue US Military skyrocket out on day release from its silo.

A computer hardware malfunction has taken 50 nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles off-line for 45 minutes.

Apparently President Barack Obama has been briefed about the suspected hardware glitch. No US President likes to push the big red button and get an error messsage.

An official, speaking as usual under condition of anonymity, told Reuters this appeared to be very similar to two previous incidents, both of which occurred more than a decade ago.

The latest incident took place on Saturday morning at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, one of three bases hosting Minuteman III ICBMs. The other two are in the US states of North Dakota and Montana.

“We think it has happened before. How often or whether this is the biggest ever, I don’t know. That’s why we’re looking into it,” the official said. That is the anonymous official again.

No computer virus or outside agents were believed to be behind the glitch and the missiles could have been launched, if necessary, by activating back-up systems, the official added.

“We have no indication that this was intentional,” officially anonymous said, dismissing the chances it was the result of a cyber attack or sabotage. “There’s no indication of anything like that.”

The official blamed a hardware problem investigators have broadly identified but are still trying to pin down.

It took 45 minutes for the first launch control center to re-initiate contact with the missiles, and another 15 minutes for the other four centers to do the same.

Newswarped likes the idea of nuclear missiles going off-line and would be very happy if this glitch was a regular feature. However we are a tad nervous that if there is an unknown glitch that takes the big boppers off-line can there just as easily be a glitch that sends them off on a one way ticket to somewhere in asia?

Also newswarped thinks the US military should be less worried about hardware problems and more concerned that when anything top secret goes wrong there is always an anonymous official on hand to brief the world about what has happened.