July 17, 2019

Virgin Galactic space tourist rocket makes first flight

SpaceShipTwo glides over California. Hope they told the US military or they are at good odds of getting shot down.

Virgin Galactic’s space tourism rocket SpaceShipTwo has made its first solo glide flight in the United States.

SpaceShipTwo was carried up 13,700 metres yesterday by its mothership and released over the Mojave Desert in California.

Company officials say SpaceShipTwo then landed at an airport runway on its own followed by the mothership. The entire flight took about 25 minutes.

Newswarped thinks the title of ‘mothership’ is fabulously grand with its sci-fi overtones. However the ‘SpaceShipTwo’ name is totally bland.

Full marks to Virgin who have realised that it is easy to send something into space but getting it back safely is another matter.

If they are going to be rocketing tourists to boldly go where no tourists have gone before then it is a great marketing ploy to bring them home alive and well to show off their holiday snaps.

“And this is me in space, yeah and this one, I love this one, this is me in space. Look I am floating. I am floating in this one too.”

Now that Virgin has proven SpaceShipTwo has got getting back sussed they plan to give the rocket a blat next year so they don’t have to keep cranking up the mothership.

Virgin would not elaborate about which UFO cult they rented the mothership from, citing commercial sensitivity.

Proud onlooker, Richard Branson looked very pleased about the test flight, but then again ‘looking pleased’ is what he does best.