August 23, 2019

Warner Bros confirms Hobbit may move from NZ

He might be Mr nice guy at the moment but he would make a good Grima Wormtongue with his twisted words about unions. He probably fancies himself as Bilbo Baggins

Warner Bros has confirmed it is considering moving location shoots away from New Zealand for The Hobbit movies.

In a statement issued on Friday morning, the Hollywood studio said the actions of unions had caused it substantial disruption and damage and forced it to consider other options.

The statement said reports the union boycott was lifted a number of days ago, and that Warners was asked to delay this announcement, were false.

It was not until Thursday night confirmation of the boycott being lifted was received from the US-based Screen Actors Guild and New Zealand Actors’ Equity, it said. The studio said it was still awaiting retractions from other unions.

Prime Minister John Key said yesterday the Government was concerned the two Hobbit movies might be made overseas, and he offered to meet with Warner Bros representatives when they visit next week.

The Government may rewrite employment laws and increase the $60 million subsidies available for The Hobbit as it fights to keep the $500million production in New Zealand.

The Government and director Sir Peter Jackson have blamed union actions for the possible loss of the two-film Lord of the Rings prequel, but like mostthings in Hollywood it is not that simple.

Newswarped thinks that the whle dispute has been blown out of all proportion. Peter Jackson just wants to make his movies in New Zealand. As for Warner Bros. they want to use any means possible to save money on making their movies. Any further concessions they can get from a desperate New Zealand government is profit for them.

As for the Key government, they have been ramping up the pressure on Unions of any desription at the moment and this is just another opportunity to paint a Union as the ‘bad guys’.

Not since the days of Sir Robert Muldoon has newswarped seen such a sustained attack on Unions in New Zealand, and we get the feeling this is just the beginning. It is not just the actors, it is the teachers and Students as well.