March 21, 2019

Woman marries herself

I do, but there is no you do to say I do.

Chen Wei-yih planned her wedding. Everything was in place – the bride, white dress, diamond ring, reception, guests and photographer. The only thing she didn’t plan was the groom. Because there wasn’t one.

The 30-year-old office worker from Taipei City, Taiwan says she wanted to show other ladies who hit their thirties without a man on their arm that they are not failures.

Chen Wei-yih says “you must learn to love yourself before you can love others.” She married herself on October 16th and plans to embark on a solo honeymoon to Australia after she quits her job as a study-abroad coordinator to Australia.

Chen explained that when a woman in Taiwan enters her thirties, getting married and having children becomes the main focal point among concerned family, relatives and friends, making a single, independent woman feel like a failure if she has none of those things.

The self-betrothed woman said it was her wish that other single women will learn to self-love through her lavish example. The newly wedded lady even created a Facebook fan page ( that encouraged fellow women to have “as much fun as I did.”

Chen has had boyfriends inthe past but nothing that has led to marriage. Because Taiwanese law does not recognise the solo marraige Chen will be free to marry should Mr. Right eventually show up.