April 24, 2019

Zack Snyder to Direct new Superman movie

Another Superman Movie? Will it be box office Kryptonite this time around?

Director Zack Snyder who has tasted success with movies like 300 and Watchmen has been signed to direct the new Superman movie.

Warner Bros is hoping that Snyder in combination with Chris Nolan as producer will be a winning formula.

Speaking of formula, Superman and Batman are certainly the most prolific superhero movie franchises in Hollywood. There is always the risk that going to the well one more time could be disastrous. Especially with the inevitable $150 million production cost of even an entry level action movie.

Warner Bros have obviously tried to mitigate the risk but putting an up and coming star in Snyder with Nolan, who is probably the most bankable producer/director in Hollywood in recent times. The Dark Knight and Inception have added a couple of zeros to his pay cheques.

Snyder has admitted the Superman Returns star Brandon Routh is “unlikely” to return for the new movie. He doesn’t elaborate on whose idea that is.

Warner Bros studio are hoping that Superman: Man of Steel will be ready for a 2012 release.