July 18, 2019

Clinton asks Key about Canterbury earthquake

Yes I love New Zealand - your kangaroo's and your woman Prime Minister are fantastic.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has asked New Zealand Prime Minister John Key how Canterbury is coping after the earthquake.

This is headline news in one of the worlds most insecure countries – New Zealand. The Christchurch Press is trumpeting this as a major story.

What they are really saying is that Hillary Clinton knows where New Zealand is. She also knows that we have a city called Christchurch and that they had a major earthquake recently. Wow.

Clinton spoke to John Key at the East Asia Summit (EAS) in Vietnam at the weekend. The pair met on Friday night at a dinner to mark the start of the summit. They had a further chance to talk on Saturday as they walked from the meeting to a photoshoot.

Newswarped thinks that if this is all a major media organisation in NZ can rustle up for headline news then New Zealand is a great place to live. But then we knew that already.

Hillary Clinton’s is due to visit Christchurch and Wellington this week. This means she will run into John Key again. That is three times in two weeks. Hillary will probably be getting her security detail to get rid of the little guy with the Kiwi accent that keeps following her around Asia and the Pacific.