May 24, 2019

Fat employee wins case against McDonalds

McDonalds - A US Corporation that has invaded more countries than the US military. Now thats saying something.

A former McDonalds manager in Brazil has won a court case against the fast food Restaurant giant, claiming their food made him fat.

No surprises there, but before all the fat people on the planet line up to sue McDonalds in class action lawsuits there were some extenuating circumstances.

The 32 year old franchise manager claimed he gained 29kg in the 12 years he worked for McDonalds. He won his case by successfully arguing that he was ‘forced’ to sample food products each day to ensure food quality standards were being met. McDonalds were sending mystery shoppers into restaurants to check on the quality of the food, service and cleanliness.

Newswarped would like to point out that wine tasters don’t need to drink the whole bottle to tell if the vintage is up to scratch or not.

The clincher for the case seems to be the free lunches that McDonalds offered to employees. McDonalds have been forced to pay US$17,500 in compensation.

Yeah thats right its not my fault I got fat. It was Ronald that made me do it, I am just the victim here. That anorexic clown forced me to eat the stuff.

Newswarped would like to offer the following information to readers that has been gained through years of experience eating McDonalds products.

Fact 1 – McDonalds food makes you fat.
Fact 2 – Eating lots of McDonalds food makes you very fat.