May 24, 2019

Love struck Aussie public servant in trouble over search for ‘Olivia’

If you are called Olivia and you live in Canberra, this man may be looking for you. If you are not interested keep a low profile because he has enlisted every public servant in town to help track you down. Love or Obsession? You be the judge.

Steve Tucker a love-struck Canberra public servant has landed himself in trouble looking for a girl called Olivia he met at a party.

Tucker met Olivia but lost contact with her on the night and ever since has been yearning to meet her again.

He sent out an email to 1000 colleagues in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship saying ”There is a person that works here at DIAC [Department of Immigration and Citizenship], who has a housemate by the name of ‘Olivia’. This message is for you,”

He went on to declare ”Briefly, I met Olivia on the Saturday night just passed. She left a strong and positive impression on me. Unfortunately, people got in the way after we met and I didn’t get to finish our meeting how I wanted to. This has been bugging me ever since”.

”If you can kindly let Olivia know that I would like to get in contact with her or alternatively get in touch with myself, I will be very appreciative.

”Disclaimer: I understand this is not the most appropriate channel. It is not my intent to misuse this email address. I have struggled to write and send this message. It has taken all of my willpower to do so.”

The end result is that Steve Tucker’s search for the mysterious Olivia has made headlines in Australia and given him a large social networking following.

Rumours the Steve Tucker is ‘dog tucker’ with his employers have been wide of the mark, but haven’t prevented a ”Save Steve” campaign starting up.

The email has now gone viral in Australian government departments and Steve is hogging the water cooler conversations.

But while many of his colleagues and the online community are caught up in the romance of it all Steve’s employers at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship are not.

To pour a bucket of coldwater on Tucker’s romantic infatuation they have announced ”We are confirming this morning that an inappropriate email was sent to all ACT departmental staff by a staff member,” an Immigration Department spokeswoman said.

”The matter is being investigated by the relevant section of the department and appropriate action will be taken.”

They did add though when questioned that it was ”not a sackable offence”.

Newswarped congratulates Steve on successfully lightening the mood amongst the state slaves in Canberra. We are a bit concerned though that Olivia might be a bit freaked out by all the attention. That is of course if she gave Steve her correct name in the first place.