July 19, 2019

Oil leaks found in Qantas engines

Don't know what the big deal is. Only some bits fell off and it still looks like a jet engine.

Oil Leaks have been found in three engines on other Qantas A380’s inspected following last Thursday’s mid-air engine explosion over Indonesia.

Qantas is keeping its six A380 superjumbos on the ground as testing continues under supervision from Rolls-Royce and Airbus technicians.

”We are now planning that the A380 fleet will remain out of service for at least 72 hours,” Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce told reporters in Sydney.

”We will not be operating the fleet until we’re 100 per cent sure that we can ensure the safety of our operations going forward.”

That is excellent advice Mr. Joyce. A small correction though. Qantas does not have a problem ‘going forward’ as such. It is things going down that is causing the difficulties.

Most airline passengers can put up with delays, grumpy staff and minimal plasticky food. They find it a bit more of an issue when things start exploding and falling off the plane.

This is especially concerning when the plane in question is flying at 30,000ft above Indonesia. I am also told by people in the know that engines are vital to the propulsion of the plane ‘going forward’ so to speak.

Passengers tend to remember those moments long after they have forgotten about a two hour delay. There is something attention grabbing about sitting in a fuel laden aluminium capsule miles above the earth and seeing the very thing that is keeping you up there jump ship with a bang.

The problem for Qantas in the immediate future is that thousands of potential customers who were not on the plane have (thanks to media coverage) thought about what it might feel like to face death on a plane – a Qantas plane.

As they sit looking at their PC monitor booking a flight that is not going to affect their buying decision is it? A little thing like engine failure won’t cloud their thinking will it? Qantas is not the Aeroflot of the South Pacific. That is Garuda airlines. That is precisely why Qantas was dropping engine parts on Indonesia to remind them of that fact.