July 17, 2019

Pakistan wicketkeeper Haider flees to London after ‘threat’

Was I supposed to break the stumps and appeal just then? Arrgh this is so confusing. Remember the good old days when we played cricket without scripts?

Pakistan wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider has left his team in Dubai on the eve of the final cricket ODI against South Africa and turned up in London.

The 24-year-old was earlier feared missing but his brother Aqeel has told the BBC that Haider had fled because he and his family had received death threats.

A message posted on Haider’s Facebook page said he had been sent messages asking him to lose Friday’s one-day match against South Africa. Haider sent the same message in a text message to a Pakistani journalist saying “leaving Pakistan cricket because get bad msg fr 1 man fr lose the match in last game.”

Perhaps we should just get used to the fact that weird stuff happens around the Pakistani Cricket team and get on with life. There are so many inquiries and appeals into match fixing running at the moment it is hard to keep track of it all.

Newswarped wonders with all these messages, threats and instructions floating around whether it would be simpler for everyone if we cut out the middle men. The middle men in this case are the Pakistani cricketers. We could just select a team of bookmakers to play, then there would be no confusion about who was supposed to win or lose and what balls were meant to be no-balls.

That would save a lot of money for bookmakers who would not have to bribe players. The down side is that a couple of investigative journalists for The News of the World will probably be out of a job.

Oh by the way, Pakistan ended up losing to South Africa by 57 runs in the final match minus Haider.