April 20, 2019

Republicans win House, Democrats retain Senate

Yes we can says Obama. No you can't say the Republicans. Who will win? not the American people thats for sure.

Voters have punished US President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for failing to spark the American economy into life in the last two years.

The Republicans have taken back control of Congress while the Democrats have managed to retain the senate. Conservative Politician John Boehner becomes Speaker of the House.

After a bitter election campaign for now everyone is saying nice things. Obama’s side said the president was “looking forward to working with him [Boehner] and the Republicans to find common ground, move the country forward and get things done for the American people.” Boehner’s side said after a call to the White House that it was a “pleasant conversation” and they discussed “working together to focus on the top priorities of the American people, which Boehner has identified as creating jobs and cutting spending.”

Pretty much that is as good as it is going to get. Obama’s platform is about visionary change. With Congress in the hands of the conservatives he has no chance of getting any cooperation there. They have tried to block everything he has done to date and with the added power of a majority will continueto do so.

Obama’s only hope is to put his case to the electorate on an issue by issue basis and hope that there is enough popular support for the Republicans to be forced to back some of his initiatives.

Unless Obama can pull off some policy successes and get the economy heading in the right direction within two years, his soaring rhetoric so successful in 2008 is going to be mocked severely.

Think of this as a hen house. While the two sides squabble with each other over who has the best perches, they don’t notice the fox sneaking in until it is too late. Who is the fox? China – but that is another story.