January 16, 2019

Two miners trapped in Chile following explosion

Trapped miners in Chile. Fingers crossed for another happy ending.

Two miners are trapped underground in the Chile near the site where 33 miners were rescued only weeks ago.

Local authorities in the Atacama region say that at least two people are trapped in what could be an accident involving explosives at a very small mine about 50km east of the city of Copiapo.

Local official Ximena Matas said “One person escaped and he is at the hospital giving a statement. In principle, two people are trapped at the mine.” She could not confirm local radio reports that one miner was killed in the accident.

We would have thought that Chile was completely over mine accidents for now. Trapped miners in Chile? – Thats so last month. Seriously though if explosives are involved it doesn’t look good. Explosions in a very confined space are lethal. Here’s hoping the missing miners were well away from the blast. If they are alive here’s hoping also they are not trapped under tons of rubble that will take months to get through.