May 24, 2019

US sending warships to support South Korea

The USS George Washington - Coming soon to a Korea near you. A ship full of pilots who would dearly love to blow something up.

US President, Barack Obama is sending the aircraft carrier George Washington to the Yellow Sea to support South Korea as North Korea steps up it’s provocation.

Obama has arranged with South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, to hold joint military exercises this weekend as a response to North Korea’s shelling of the disputed Yeonpyeong Island. The death toll on the island from the North Korean bombardment has risen to four.

The joint military exercise will take place not far from where the shelling occurred, and is designed to send a warning to North Korea to start behaving or there may be retaliation.

It is unclear what the North’s agenda is, but they clearly feel they have the right to say what they think about the disputed border areas by using military hardware.

Obviously having a few nuclear weapons in their arsenal means they feel they can blaze away without too much danger of retaliation. There is always China to back them up if the US gets too aggressive in return.

The North had better be careful here. Obama might be more liberal than most US Presidents, but after the Democrat’s hammering in the mid-term elections and his low aproval ratings, it must be awfully tempting to get tough with Pyongyang.

A large chunk of the US electorate seems to like nothing more than a bit of sabre rattling, to show some lowlife dictatorship who is boss. It is not the same as the good old days though. China might call in her loans and bankrupt America – only kidding (I think).