May 24, 2019

Yemen Bomb flown on passenger plane

Stunning photograph of the worlds most famous laser printer - the al-Qaeda PETN 2. Made in Yemen.

A bomb sent from Yemen capital Sanaa and seized in Dubai was transported on Qatar Airways passenger flights. It went on an Airbus A320 flight to Doha. Then swapped to another flight to Dubai.

The bomb stuffed in a printer toner catridge was addressed to a Jewish synagogue in the US city of Chicago.

A second device was found at East Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom. It was also hidden inside a printer toner cartridge.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the bomb seized in England was believed to have been designed to go off in mid-air.

al-Qaeda are said to be reviewing their bomb transportation policy as they are unhappy about the inability of courier contractors UPS and FedEx to successfully deliver the printers to Chicago.

An unnamed al-qaeda official said “They promise outstanding service but they are just like the other freight companies – all talk and no delivery”.

The same official also claimed the gift of printers were a “legitimate act of goodwill to Jews in America”. He did admit that there was an “administrative error” that meant the wrong ink catridge got installed.

Defending his product the terrorist spokesperson said “Our PETN Laser printers are the best in the world. We have never had any complaints from anyone who has used them”.