July 17, 2019

Anna Chapman visits Medvedev’s science park

Anna Chapman looking particularly content with her life, endorses new Russian science park.

Russian spy Anna Chapman visited President Medvedev’s showcase science park on Tuesday, the same day Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was on site. But no one was taking photos of Jimmy.

The science park project – Russia’s answer to Silicon Valley was also visited by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in October who gave his endorsement.

Microsoft – currently enjoying being replaced by Google as the badest software company on the planet – has invested millions of dollars in the project.

President Medvedev has been trying hard to create some glamour around the science project by inviting celebrities to visit, and of course have their picture taken while visiting.

There is no word what Anna Chapman had to offer the world of computer science but she appeared happy with her lot this year. Having been a failure as a spy, she has manged to get charged and convicted of espionage, expelled from the United States and had her United Kingdom citizenship revoked.

Taking advantage of the media pouncing on her Facebook photos, Anna has done two photo shoots for mens magazines and now works as banking advisor. Newswarped is still not sure what she advises the bank on.

When interviewed at the science park she was asked if she was enjoying her banking role. In a long detailed answer she replied “Well, yes.”

Medvedev also awarded Chapman and the other spies who no one gives a toss about a whole lot of medals a few weeks ago for living up large in the United States at Russia’s expense, gathering no intelligence and getting caught. Some jobs really are too good to be true.