March 26, 2019

John Wright appointed NZ cricket coach

John Wright looks a little startled at being the only one who could not find a chair when the music stopped, so he got the job of NZ cricket coach.

New Zealand Cricket has appointed former India coach John Wright as the new coach of the black caps.

It is hard to call him the new coach because it as been unclear for a while now if there was an old coach or not. Mark Greatbatch was appointed coach but some how morphed into just a batting coach.

Dave Curry was appointed manager, but he had no cricket background, which meant his role was more that of a babysitter. So that left Daniel Vettori. Our Dan was New Zealand’s premier spin bowler, saviour of batting collapses, captain, selector, manager, psychologist, strategist.

The players liked this arrangement. Previously John Bracewell was in charge, but he told them what to do which they didn’t like. So Andy Moles was appointed coach because they wanted someone nicer than John. Well apparently Andy was too nice, so he had to go.

It seems the players were only really happy when they were running their own ship. That left the ruling players elite to bat where they like, bowl when they liked and at times wicket keep when they liked.

So the cosy player run environment was what the players wanted. Surrounded by pliant support staff, no one telling them what to do and a chance to take control of their own destiny.

Just when all seemed rosy in the players garden, into their nirvana come an evil thing called ‘reality’. Alongside reality came that other ‘R’ word ‘results’ closely followed by ‘responsibility’. So the three R’s made themselves at home in the happy camp and were immediately unwelcome.

With only the players left there was no one to take responsibility when the results were poor. There was no figurehead to give ‘unofficial’ dirt to the media about to deflect the blame.

Eleven one day international loses in a row and counting. Four of them to Bangladesh. Cricket fans kept asking awkward questions like – who is the coach of the New Zealand cricket team?

Faced with a mounting public backlash, NZ Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan had to do something. The structure he had let the players create was exposed to a hefty dose of reality which showed it to be absurd. “We need to get this team back on track,” said Justin decisively. Taking care not to mention that it was him who sent the team train off on the wrong track in the first place.

Enter John Wright. Former NZ Test captain and coach of India. John would be our knight in off-white armour. John would save us from being ranked below Zimbabwe.

So will he? John says “I know it’ll be hard….but I would just like to put together a team that fights.” That sounds fantastic John. While you are teaching them to be fighters, feel free to put a playing strategy in place. All the best and good luck. Make sure you keep the three R’s close at hand. Your main advantage is things can’t get much worse.