August 23, 2019

Kim Duthie’s nude St Kilda photos go viral

Kim Duthie looking more like a scrawny vampire goes to the beach.

Kim Duthie the publisher of nude photos of St Kilda AFL players Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo on the internet is showing no remorse over her actions.

After being shut down on Facebook she is now happily chirping away on Twitter about how hectic her life has become since her foray into the world of celebrity nude photo publishing.

It used to be so easy for footballers. There was a code of conduct for ‘those’ girls who liked to party. In return for keeping quiet and no commitment young ladies blessed with good looks and very little chastity could get access to handsome young sports stars.

If they happened to get knocked up that was just an occupational hazard. If wanted they wanted to speak out about their treatment or who they were with they could easily get silenced by the ‘little teen girls word v sporting icons word’ threat.

Then along came the technological collision of digital photography, the internet and social networks. Now revenge was there for the taking. Young Kim Duthie is certainly her fill of it.

St. Kilda’s players are outraged at the invasion of privacy and reputations ruined. What they need to accept is that their behaviour in what they thought was ‘private’ can easliy become public.

A photo now can be unstoppably viral on the internet in hours. Once it is out there is no going back. If footballers want to carry on their merry promiscuous way, then photos getting leaked is just one of the risks they face along with stuff like std’s.

I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for guys that want to pursue a lifestyle of self-gratification through loose sexual encounters. I have even less sympathy for young ladies like Kim Duthie who knew what the deal was when she got involved and has been only too happy to expose others when things didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

This is not so much about revenge but an ambitious young lady who is enjoying her five minutes of fame and hoping to be ‘somebody’ instead of just another anonymous barbie doll for footballers.

Kim describes herself as ”Athlete, Model, sex, love, fashion, power, fame, beautiful, fast, hot, smooth, strong”. That just about sums her up really although she forgot two other important words – ‘dumb’ and ‘easy’.

Kim Duthie is only seventeen but already talking about writing her autobiography. What is she going to write about? How tired her legs got from opening up all the time? Hardly a claim to fame.


  1. asproella says

    Karma has a way of straighting people like KIM DUTHIE’S OUT ,AND HER WILL BE GOOD..

  2. Kim Duthie just recently turned 17. Googling her athletic results confirms this, as do all the media reports that cannot name her because she is a ‘minor’. However, she is not a ‘minor’ when it comes to sexual matters as the age of consent in Oz is 16. Nice and confusing.

    • Nice work Aunty Fuzz. 17 it is then. She might be under 18 but if she wants to hurt
      St. Kilda and its players by publishing photos they didn’t want out there, then that puts her in the adult world in my book. It is strange that her parents have not stepped in. Kim says they are not speaking because of the photo thing, but at only 17 she must have had a very free reign from a very young age to lead the lifestyle she has.

  3. Kim duthie may not be 17. At least one web site describes her as 19, and if that is the case that may explain why she flies around the countryside unescorted. she is not actually a minor. Her picture looks silly rather than sexy, and looks like she wants to be professional model and makes her look 19. I have been wondering why her parents have no control over her as a 17 year old,but it makes more sense if she ‘is grown up” Since there are so many inconsistenices in her story,i wonder if any of it is true, and maybe she is really a virgin. I think she is laughing at everyone who takes her seriously.

    • Hi Petery, You could well be right about the age. Getting hard facts on Kim has proven a little difficult. She is obviously doing what she thinks is right but a lot of her responses smack of a lack of maturity and judgement. But then whether 17 or 19, she will not have had much experience of coming up against the ‘establishment’. Getting threatened by lawyers must be a bit frightening. But then again your ‘virgin’ theory might just be correct, maybe she is a good actor with a few photos.