July 17, 2019

North Korea threatens ‘sacred war’ with the South

What do you see invading from the south comrade? It is a frog and a large pink pig.

North Korea armed forces minister Kim Yong-chun says North Korea is ready for a “sacred war of justice” against South Korea using a nuclear deterrent.

South Korea is holding live fire exercises near it’s border with the north. The drills are one of the largest in South Korea’s history, and come weeks after North Korea shelled a Southern island killing four people.

The US state department condemned the North’s latest comments as returning to its “old belligerent tricks”. We will have to wait for WikiLeaks to tell us what they really said.

“We need constructive actions, not heated rhetoric,” said spokesman Philip Crowley on his Twitter page. Yes that is a good idea a State Department man with a Twitter page. It’s a pity Phil you didn’t give that advice to Geoge W. Bush.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak who has recently become exceedingly aroused by talking tough has promised immediate retaliation to any further Northern attack.

The South Korean army acknowledged that the drill was aimed to display its firepower. Well we are pleased they are aiming at something, even if it is only for display purposes.

During a meeting in the North Korean capital, Mr Kim, quoted by Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency, accused the South of preparing for a new Korean War.

“The South Korean puppet forces perpetrated such grave military provocation as renewing their shelling against the DPRK [North Korea] during their recent exercises for a war of aggression in the West Sea [Yellow Sea] of Korea,” he said. Well that answers the question about what the muppets are doing now. They have become mercenaries in the South Korean ‘puppet forces’.

Kim had plenty more to say “This indicates that the enemy’s scenario for aggression aimed at the start of another Korean War, has reached the phase of its implementation.”

“The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK are getting fully prepared to launch a sacred war of justice of Korean style based on the nuclear deterrent at anytime necessary to cope with the enemies’ actions deliberately pushing the situation to the brink of a war,” he added.

It would have been helpful if Kim had explained what “justice..Korean style” is. He might also have liked to elaborate on the use of the word “sacred” which is an unusually religious term for a communist country that doesn’t do religion.

Both China and Russia have called on the South to defuse tensions and US officials too are privately expressing their concern about Seoul’s new, more aggressive stance.

So what they are all saying is the North talks a load of war mongering bollocks all the time but that is ok. The South has to sit quietly and listen to it and say nothing.