September 23, 2019

Putin puts Anna Chapman in charge of United Russia youth

Nah can't see what the youth of Russia would see in her.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has appointed Anna Chapman as the leader of his United Russia Party, youth wing.

The failed spy who has been working as a magazine model and banking advisor since being expelled from the United States has been appointed at a congress of Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard) in Moscow.

So what will Anna do in her new role? Well apparently she will work with ”patriots and young business-people”.

Mr Putin, has long been an admirer of Chapman and praised her for ”suffering daily dangers” while living it up in America at Russia’s expense. He predicted Anna and the other spies would ”work in worthy places” and ”have bright and interesting lives”.

Well we can’t speak for the others, but Anna Chapman has certainly made every post a winner. There is no doubt that when the next Russian Elections roll around that Anna Chapman will end up standing for United Russia.

It is amazing how far a girl can go with one facebook photo that the media latch onto.