July 17, 2019

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley? AARGH!!

The only consolation in this ghastly story is I get to post a photo of Liz Hurley.

After a week of Aussie cricket fans begging for Shane Warnes return to save the Ashes, it turns out he has been training with Liz Hurley in London.

Shane Warne is always happy in the headlines. That quality insightful read the News of the World alleges it has evidence that Warne spent two days doing an in depth interview for his new TV show, in a London hotel with English actress Liz Hurley.

Must guys on the planet will be gobsmacked of the thought of the lovely Liz of the safety pin dress fame shacked up with “I am wearing nothing” sleazy Shane Warne.

Most women of the world will have already cast Shane onto the scrap heap of ‘worthless’ plonkers.

For poor long suffering Simone Callahan, Shane Warnes wife and mother of their three little Warnies, this must be the last straw. It must be frustrating for her that eveyone remembers she was married to Shane except Shane himself.

“They were so passionate they looked like honeymooners. It was electric,” the newspaper quoted a witness as saying. Grave fears are being held for the mental well being of Liz Hurley. Anyone who thinks that being interviewed for a chat show should include being physically tweaked by the sheikh of tweak for 48 hours non-stop has issues.

There is no word what Hurley’s husband, Indian tycoon Arun Nayar thinks about his wife behaving like a passionate honeymooner with someone else.