June 16, 2019

St Kilda strikes back – Court bans Duthie nude player pics

Really? All that trouble caused by little old me and my incy wincy photos of biggy wiggy footballers?

St Kilda AFL club has vowed to pursue Kim Duthie the teenager who posted explicit photographs of its star players on the internet if she does not agree to a court order to stop their distribution.

Saints player Sam Gilbert who took the photos on an end of season trip in 2009 says he is seeking a court order today for the destruction of the photographs.

On Monday, Kim Duthie posted two photographs on Facebook. One of a naked Nick Riewoldt standing next to Zac Dawson and another of Nick Dal Santo. Gilbert won a court order stopping their publication but by then they had gone viral.

Duthie has been defiant about her actions saying she has “been mistreated by footballers and the AFL” and has threatened to publish more photos.

Will Houghton, QC, acting for Gilbert says ‘‘It appears that [she] is exhibiting some defiance to the orders of this court, and whether that is because of her immature years or simply plain stupidity, I simply cannot say.’’ Ouch Will, not much credit for Kim’s brain department there mate.

Outside the court, St Kilda vice-president Ross Levin was also less than enthusiatic about Kim’s moral fibre branding her a “malicious troublemaker who is delighting in the distress she is causing.”

He said the players intended to sue for damages, for breach of copyright, breach of confidence, mental distress and trespass. He also warned her not to try to cash in on the publicity.

Well thats all good Ross but I would venture to say that those players reputations are more likely to have been enhanced rather than damaged among a large section of the population. The copyright thing might stick but there is no stopping the photos now anyway.

As for breach of confidence, mental distress and trespass – The players were only too happy to have Kim on the premises and would have been only suffering mental pleasure at the time. One presumes they had confidence in her ability as well. So good luck in court chaps.

There are signs that Kim is rapidly growing a brain. She said at Sydney Airport that Speaking at the airport, she she was “worried about the repercussions and the prospect of St Kilda suing her.”

She said she had no sympathy for the players but, if she had her time over, ‘‘I probably still would have done it, but not via my Facebook. I would have done it anonymously or something, because I’m actually really scared about what’s going to happen.’’ A bit late now to hatch a cunning anonymous plan Kim.

Kim is also not talking to her parents, who had advised her against posting the photographs. She publicly apologised to them.

Young Kim has only known the internet age. Back in the old days there was a much stronger awareness among the general population about the consequences of publishing things that did not belong to you.

In todays world teenagers like Kim Duthie just assume that anything goes on social media like Facebook and Twitter and it is no problem posting dodgy photos.

St Kilda and Sam Gilbert have not got any hope of stopping the spread of the photos now. This is purely an exercise in slapping Kim Duthie so hard with whatever obsure law they can find in order to discourage any other like minded ladies from following in her footsteps.

St Kilda is striking a blow for the rights of footy players everywhere to get drunk, romp around naked and have sex with barely legal teen girls.