July 17, 2019

Tammy Banovac Strips down for Oklahoma Airport Security

Tammy Banovac - She looks like she might not be entirely in tune with her surroundings. Anything goes in Oklahoma I guess.

Tammy Banovac sat in a wheel chair wearing only her underwear and a poodle. The security officers at Oklahoma City Airport didn’t really know how to handle it. When faced with such dilemmas security men revert to type and won’t let someone through who is not behaving like everyone else.

Tammy Banovac has wisely kept her mouth shut and let her body do the talking. Her silence has meant that the rest of the world has been left to offer an explanation.

Some say that she is not real and might be a robot. Others think she is protesting against body scanners at airports.

Tammy Banovac, 52, an Oklahoma resident has now broken her silence. Her explanation?

She had stripped off in order to make any pat-downs by airport security “less invasive” after having a previous bad experience.

“The less of me that they had to pat-down and check, the less invasive the search would be,” she said.

“And wearing a bra and panties is just about as minimal as I could get.”

Airport and security officials said that at the time police were called over, questioned Banovac, and allowed her to proceed to security.

She was given an “enhanced” pat down because she was in a wheelchair. During screening of her carry-on and laptop an alarm for nitrates was triggered, the Transportation Safety Administration said in a statement yesterday.

The TSA said she was not allowed to proceed to her Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix.

Authorities said nitrates could legitimately be present in medication, or if someone was hunting recently and there were traces of nitrates from the bullets.

Banovac returned to the airport the next morning, again clad in her underwear, and cleared security without incident.

“Once she went through the checkpoint, she put slacks and a top on,” said a spokeswoman for the TSA.

Ok so there we have it. Tammy did not want a search to be too invasive. It is strange that she found sitting in public wearing only a lace bra and panties while passengers took photographs non-invasive.

Now I know you all want to know what an ‘enhanced’ patdown is, and how it differs from a standard patdown. Well my freinds, you will just have to find out for yourself. Newswarped suggests stripping down to your underwear at an airport near you. Feel free to let us know how you get on.


  1. georgia taylor says

    Update. One week later. KPHO interview. Tammy said her lingerie was “No different than a modest two piece bathing suit, except it has lace on it”. Banovac describes the new, more intrusive TSA searches, “The first time I experienced it, about a month ago, a female TSA agent repeatedly groped and squeezed my breasts for more than 30 seconds. My gynecologist’s breast exams aren’t that thorough.” Banovac said the TSA agent told her she would be running her hands up her skirt till she felt ‘resistance’. “Anywhere else, it would have been sexual molestation.” Guess TSA had to be sure that an almost naked woman in a wheelchair with a white dog wasn’t a terrorist. You know how Jihadists like to draw attention to themselves.

    • Hi Georgia, thanks for the update. I have never been a big fan of over the top aviation security. If someone wants to blow up a plane they will find a way. What happens now is that ordinary citizens end up paying for all the security measures that aside from being inconveniant, they (as you have pointed out) violate human rights. Sometimes it would be great if the airline staff and security people put as much effort into being cheerfully helpful as they do to humiliating people.