June 25, 2019

Violence as UK government raises student fees

The Charge of the Light Brigade - mounted police drive a wedge through protesters in Westminster.

The coalition government in the United Kingdom has won the vote to raise student tuition fees in England to £9,000 per year amid violent street protests in Westminster.

The vote was carried by a majority of only 21 in a hotly debated issue that has seen the resignation of three ministerial aides in protest.

Scotland Yard says six police officers have been hurt in clashes between police and students, after protesters had forced their way into Parliament Square and surged against police lines. Some missiles were thrown.

The London Ambulance Service says that 19 people have been treated for injuries, with six of them taken to hospital.

The Metropolitan Police say there have been attacks using “flares, sticks, snooker balls and paint balls”.

Students from around the UK had gathered in London for a day of protests and a rally – with police expecting about 20,000 demonstrators.

Inside the House of Commons, Business Secretary Vince Cable told MPs the fee plans were fair and would maintain the quality of universities. Notice that he wasn’t preparred to say it outside of the building.

It is always tricky to justify increased fees for students by a government that is happy to spend up large on the military and preside over a business model that pays obscene salaries to senior management.

Newswarped thinks education is the future and should be one of the last things put out of reach of ordinary citizens.