August 19, 2019

Wikileaks Julian Assange freed on bail

Julian Assange - free at last. According to the US State Department the red dot is a blemish on the photo, not a laser gun sight.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been freed on bail in London as he fights extradition to Sweden on sex charges.

Mr Justice Ouseley ordered Mr Assange be released on payment of £240,000 in cash and sureties and on condition he resides at Vaughan Smiths house in East Anglia. It doesn’t matter where he resides in the UK at the moment, there will be snow.

Speaking on the steps of the High Court Assange said: “It’s great to feel the fresh air of London again.” This is concerning and raises questions about his mental state and treatment while incarcerated.

Assange also vowed “to continue my work and to protest my innocence”. He went on to thank “all the people around the world who had faith” in him, his lawyers for putting up a “brave and ultimately successful fight”, people who provided money in the face of “great difficulty and aversion”, members of the press and the British justice system. Steady on chap, thanking the UK press is getting a bit out there.

Now that he has thanked everyone he can get down to the serious business of surviving. Can he do a Bear Grylls and star in his own Man v World Government?

Certainly being released is a bit of a two edged sword. He gets the right to speak out and gets a freedom of sorts. But at least in prison there is was a degree of protection.

At the moment he is a cause celebre for the intelligensia. If he is let lose to talk as much as he likes there is the potential that instead of a martyr for freedom of information he could in fact turn out to be a dickhead (he might not be of course).

Newswarped recommends the Julian stay away from men carrying umbrellas and refrain from meeting ex-spy’s in London Hotels. If he mysteriously wins a holiday to Syria in a competition he did not enter we think he should not go.

The same goes for invitations for afternoon tea from the United States Embassy in London and offers of hunting trips to Alaska from someone called S. Palin.