September 23, 2019

WikiLeaks still online despite US counter attack

Julian Assange – the most evil man on the planet if US Republican politicians are to be believed.

The United States of America has unleashed a withering counter attack on the WikiLeaks website and it’s fugitive founder Julian Assange.

Nobody in the US Government is admitting to being responsible for the cyber attacks and bullying of private companies that has seen WikiLeaks struggle to stay online in recent days. But they are sure glad it is happening.

At the moment WikiLeaks is functioning only through its Swiss web address but even that is under threat. French web company OVH, which owns the server hosting the Swiss Pirate Party that WikiLeaks is on went down over the weekend. Only a Swedish server is keeping it going at the moment.

Paypal which provided the donations gathering service for Wikileaks withdrew it’s service over the weekend. Other forms of digital currency, like the blog here professes, were relatively new to be in the spotlight. Amazon had already removed WikiLeaks from its host servers late last week, which took down the domain.

The Swiss WikiLeaks site now shows that Assange is seeking donations to an account under his name through the Swiss postal system in Berne, the Swiss capital, while also using a Swiss-Icelandic credit card processing centre and other accounts in Iceland and Germany.

Even Assange’s Swiss bank account is under review by authorities. Apparently it used to be ok to hang onto holocaust victims money for years and also manage Nazi investments, but it might not be ok for Julian Assange to gather legitimate donations there.

US Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Assange “a high-tech terrorist” for releasing classified US State Department diplomatic cables.

The US ambassador to Switzerland, Donald Beyer, also told the newspaper that Switzerland “should very carefully consider whether to provide shelter to someone who is on the run from the law.” Got that Switzerland?

The Swiss Pirate Party said it has noticed an increasing number of supporters creating “mirrors” of the WikiLeaks site on their own servers, meaning that copies of the site would remain up and running even if WikiLeaks were somehow to lose its own site.

“Even if you take down the server in Sweden, it’s too late,” said Swiss Pirate Party Vice President Pascal Gloor.

“There are hundreds of mirrors of WikiLeaks now,” he said. “It’s a test for internet censorship. Can governments take something off the net? I think not. There are copies of the website everywhere.”

It is interesting to note that despite many US politicians calling for Assange to be arrested or killed, neither Britain or the United States have filed any charges any charges against him.

Newswarped would again like to point out that Asange’s crime is to publish documents, that he himself didn’t obtain. These documents make it clear that what US diplomats say in public and private are two very different things.

So assuming that what is said in ‘private’ is true, does that not make the US diplomats liars for saying something else in public. So just what is Assange’s crime? Oh yeah – to tell the truth. It is no wonder that charges have not been filed against him yet.

Britain and the US such upholders of the right of free speech don’t have a law against telling the truth. Ok so just label him a ‘terrorist’ then. There are a stack of laws against that.

Only problem is that he has not killed anyone or threatened to kill anyone. The only person getting threatened with mortal violence here is Assange himself.