March 21, 2019

Councilman snaps photo of his killer

Reynaldo Dagsa's final photo that led to his killer being identified.

Philippine councilman Reynaldo Dagsa took a photo of his smiling family at the same moment as his assassin pulled the trigger.

Dagsa was shot outside his home in Manila on New Years eve as fire crackers masked the sound of the gunfire. He was taking a photo of his wife, daughter and Mother-in-law. Behind them was a criminal and two associates.

Police investigating the New Year’s Eve shooting said the family handed over the photo which has led to two arrests so far.

The gunman identified as Arnel Buenaflorin, fired about four shots but only one hit Dagsa. The bullet went through Dagsa’s arm and hit him in the chest. He later died in a hospital.

A second gunman, Frederick Sales, who was standing behind Dagsa and is not seen in the photo, also fired one shot but missed. Sales has been arrested along with one of the lookouts.

Caloocan city police chief Jude Santos said that Buenaflor was a car thief who was released on bail and likely sought revenge against Dagsa for ordering his arrest last year. All the suspects are members of a gang involved in car thefts and robbery holdups.

He said “It was personal revenge. They all helped each other,” Galvez said.

Police said Dagsa, 38, had a reputation of a hardworking councilman who was tough on crime.