June 16, 2019

Kim Duthie gatecrashes St Kilda training

Kim Duthie modelling her latest bright idea - A bikini range for Nuns. Free copy of her autobiography with each skimpy habit sold. Kim has loads more good ideas too. She just can't think of one right now.

Kim Duthie the girl behind the release of nude photos of St Kilda AFL stars Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo has gatecreashed a St Kilda team training session today.

Kim Duthie has obviously decided that the revolutionary personal training sessions she has offered St Kilda players in the past could have a wider squad application.

She brought with her posters stating “scandal in progress” and “beware of St Scandal”. She also wanted to handout other nude photos. Much to her surprise St Kilda supporters watching the training were annoyed by her presence and told her to piss off.

Kim said “one guy came up to me and was, like, abusing me for about 10 minutes in front of the media and saying I’m not welcome here and things like that”.

“I’m honestly really concerned about my safety of being here. If I wasn’t standing here with the cameras and stuff I think I would have been knocked out already.” Perhaps a blow to her head might have knocked some sense into her?

The 17 year old footie groupie then went on to reveal that the whole thing was an effort to keep herself in the headlines so that when her gripping autobiography comes out people will still remember who she is and might buy her book.

“I just wanted to hand out the signs and banner today so I can keep telling my story,” she said.

“You know how it is in the news, everything dies down after a few days but if I keep it going and keep releasing my blogs and when my book comes out it will still be relevant.”

Newswarped is wondering who is the target market for this book? Most AFL fans think Kim is an opportunistic slut so are not going to shell out cash for her story. Who else is going to buy it?

Kim Duthie the story of a young lady who triumphed over the odds and got her kit off with an AFL player then snaffled and published photos of his mates with their kit off.

Mothers will recognise Kim as a positive role model and buy her book for their daughters as an inspirational story of what a young girl from Melbourne with slippery knickers can achieve.

Good luck to you girl. It is hard to sell an autobiography when you are a one trick pony (or maybe two trick) with not many miles on the clock.


  1. This girl has been proven to be 17 and under the age of consent so you guys should know it’s ilegal to print her name or face.

    • Hear what you are saying B-4, but nothing Kim has done in the last year has been below the age of consent. The only thing underage about her is her age. If she wants to be an adult then she must be preparred to be scrutinised as an adult.