August 19, 2019

Sharks and swimmers share beach in NZ

Hey any of you guys see any swimmers around here? I could sure use a snack right now.

Reports of up to 20 sharks off Matarangi Beach in New Zealand were not enough to deter swimmers from cooling off yesterday.

Temperatures in many parts of New Zealand soared past 30 degrees celcius which put swimmers in the water and brought sharks closer to shore.

Holidaymaker Holly Davis, 34, said it was too hot for her to be bothered about “possible sightings” of sharks. “Unless I see fins out there I’m staying in here,” she said. “We don’t have beaches like this in Wellington or weather like this, so you’ve got to make the most of it.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the weather in Wellington, New Zealands capital, it has about a dozen good days a year. On many of the other 343 days the wind is blowing what locals call a breeze, but what anyone else on the planet calls a howling gale. There is also a wide variety of precipitation on offer that offers moisture delivered any way you like it.

The sharks, which were most likely Bronze Whalers, were spotted by a New Zealand Herald photographer on a charter flight along the Coromandel beaches in the North Island of New Zealand. The biggest shark was estimated to be 3 metres long.

Locals say the sharks often come into the warmer shallow waters to feed on fish from the nearby estuary.

Swiss tourist Gerald Huber said he was more concerned about New Zealand’s ozone layer, or lack of it, and the high likelihood of being sunburned than being shark bait.

“If we were on the menu for sharks there would be a lot more attacks than there have been, but I don’t think it’s a problem.

“But if I hear someone yelling, ‘Get out of the water, there’s a shark I won’t be waiting here,” Mr Huber said. Well Gerald, Newswarped would like you to know there are sharks, so out you get mate. We would also like you to know that the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller so don’t stress too much.

Sharks swim blissfully unaware that tasty snacks are only a swish of the tail away.