June 27, 2019

Beauty Queen Domonique Ramirez sacked for weight gain

Domonique Ramirez - the new poster girl for obese Americans.

Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez has been sacked forgaining weight and alledgedly breaking other pageant rules.

The 17 year old Ramirez was crowned last April and was entitled to a shot at the upcoming Miss Texas beauty pageant.

Pageant officials removed Ramirez as Miss San Antonio last month after telling the teenager she violated numerous rules of her contract.

She is accussed of not being on time for events and even not turning up at all. The mistake they have made is also saying she has gained weight since being crowned.

That has immediately shifted the dispute from a performance issue, to a discrimination issue. According to statistics from ASCVS, Texas is one of the fattest states in America so it is bound to be unpopular if someone is sacked for being overweight.

Ramirez denies she has put on any weight and says she still thinks of herself as Miss San Antonio 2011. That has not stopped pageant organisers from announing the first-runner up, Ashley Dixon, as the new Miss San Antonio. A judge put issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the pageant from promoting Dixon as the winner.

This is great tabloid fodder with two beauty queens vying for a crown and court case that will allow a significant amount of photo opportunities.

State District Judge Cynthia Stryker (an ironic name for a judge in the land of the ‘three strikes’ rule) says she will decide on Friday whether to grant Ramirez’s attorney the chance to argue for a temporary injunction next week.

“I’m going to continue to represent the city as long as I can,” Ramirez said.

“I haven’t gained any weight,” Ramirez said, as she ate a glazed donut during a lengthy wait in the Bexar County courthouse for the hearing to begin.

Ramirez denied committing numerous violations, but does admit that “There are one or two cases where I was late. But as far as the numerous accounts they say I was late to, it’s untrue.”

“She doesn’t have clean hands” in the dispute, said Ben Wallis, an attorney for the pageant. Well that is not very nice Ben. How do you know? Do you hang around the ladies bathroom?

Newswarped estimates that Domonique Ramirez has about 2 minutes and 10 seconds left of her 5 minutes of fame. Good on her though for having a crack at the pageant organisers, they can be a bit precious at times.

Do you think I look fat in this?

Yes newswarped knew you were wondering what runner-up Ashley Dixon looked like, so here she is.