May 24, 2019

Berlusconi to stand trial on sex charges

Yes it is perfectly natural for a 17 year old young lady to be attracted to a 74 year old man. Of course he wouldn't have to pay her.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is to stand trial on charges of paying for sex with an under-age prostitute and abuse of power.

Judge Cristina Di Censo said the process would start on 6 April, after prosecutors in Milan asked for an immediate trial.

Mr Berlusconi denies paying for sex with Karima El Mahroug (popularly known as Ruby) when she was 17.

He also rejects claims that he abused his power by seeking her release when she was detained by police in a theft case. He has called the accusations “groundless” and dismissed the case against him as a farce. That is ok Silvio but just because you are Prime Minister doesn’t mean you can dismiss the charges, only a judge can do that sunshine.

Mr Berlusconi does acknowledge that he called the police while Ruby was being held on suspicion of theft.

He said he was doing a favour for the then-Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, because Silvio was told the girl was Mr Mubarak’s granddaughter. How topical is that?

Ms Mahroug, also known as Ruby is now aged 18. She has denied sleeping with the prime minister but has said she received 7,000 euros from him as a gift after one of his parties. Newswarped would also like to go to one of Mr. Berlusconi’s parties and do nothing but receive 7,000 Euros.

Prosecutors had submitted two sets of documents detailing the evidence against Mr Berlusconi. They allegedly included proof that payments were made by his aides to a “significant number” of young women, including Miss Mahroug.

Publicly, pressure has been mounting on Berlusconi over his string of affairs with young women. On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Italian women held nationwide protests against their embattled prime minister in more than 60 towns and cities across Italy.

If convicted, the prime minister could face up to 15 years in prison. With him set to appear before a panel of three female judges and the tide of public opinion against him, Newswarped is not rating his chances of wriggling out of this one. But then again we are dealing with a man who is a proven comeback merchant.