December 10, 2018

Chechen leader promises Russia “year of blood and tears”

Hah!! Fooled you. You thought I had a sword stuck in my head, but it was - how you say - optical illusion. Haha.

Doku Umarov (no relation to Count Dooku from Star Wars) has posted a message on a website that vows to deliver “a year of blood and tears” to Russia. He said there were dozens of rebels prepared to carry out attacks.

“I won’t tell you there are hundreds of us prepared for jihad. But 50 or 60, God willing, we will find.” Ok back the bus up there Doku. So there aren’t hundreds, but you think you can come up with 50 or 60 but you haven’t found them yet.

So with Chechnya having a population of 1.3million even if you can come with your hoped for 50 or 60 it is hardly a mass movement for change. Putting 60 people on the streets of Cairo is hardly going to get a revolution happening in Egypt and it surely will not in Chechnya.

Doku Umarov’s main claim to fame is to claim that he ordered last months bomb attack at Moscow’s International Airport that killed 36 people. He is reportedly the leader of Chechen Islamic jihadist group, the Caucasus Emirate. I bet it is a tad tricky to fit all that on his business card. Also there is no prizes for guessing who has declared himself the Emir of the Caucasus.

Newswarped being in the recruitment game has some advice for Doku Umarov. The reason you are finding it difficult to recruit new members is that you keep ordering them to walk into public places with bombs and blow themselves up. Most young people with even a shred of ambition find this a bit of a career killer.

The other problem you seem to be suffering from is a bit of a credibility gap. You are all for the new recruits being martyred in your cause but you never seem to be preparred to lead by example.

It is a common trait of terrorist group leaders like yourself to claim that you would like nothing more than to blow yourself up but unfortunately your organisation needs your brains to keep thinking up new targets.

“Uuummm…..Airport. Or how about a subway? Or bus station?” Wow Doku you are a genius mate Allah has truly blessed you. Only a man blessed by God could think up all those targets for bomb attacks.

“I would like Putin and Medvedev and all other kaffirs and enemies to understand that there are many of us who will follow in our footsteps and give their lives for Allah,” Umarov said. Follow in “our” footsteps Doku? It seems everyones life can be given for Allah except yours.

Newswarped suggests you might like to embrace a four letter word called ‘love’. There seems to be a total lack of it in everything you do and say. Yet you claim to be an agent of Allah? The only four letter word you seem to understand is ‘hate’.

Maybe it is time for you to ‘get a life’ instead of taking everyone elses’.